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Month: June, 2010

Asian Teen Loves sticky cum

These Asian Teen with her Pussy is a lovely Asian model who works as a greeter in the department store in the mall. She is a lovely gal with a fine shape and she is very popular with her college classmates. She is dating a couple guys from the school and they enjoy her a lot especially when she is in the mood to suck cock! She has quite a reputation for that as well. She isn´t big on sex other than sucking cocks. These teenage girl really loved blowjob and loves to receive a lot of cums to her face.

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See these School girl with her Asian Teen Pussy. Lovely Asian student has a thing for sucking cock! Her boyfriend is all she can handle though. Every time they get together she is up for a quickie for him no matter where they are at the moment. All she needs is a place to hide and they are off for a little fun. She does get it all on camera for her website though, no sense in wasting some good adventures when. he might go for the ladies too, but that is only hear say. She certainly enjoys cock no..

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