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Lesbian Sex Teachers with Teens

There seems to be a big increase lately in female teachers making the news for seducing their young students. People act so shocked, but it doesn’t surprise me at all. My senior year of high school actually had one of those situations. As far as anyone knew, it didn’t start until the girl was 18 and just a few months before graduation. Just like the stereotypes, it was a phys ed teacher. The girl’s mom actually knew about it too and I guess she just accepted it. It was during a time where if anyone said anything, they’d have been accused of homophobia, so everyone just kept their mouth shut and the school looked the other way. Very different from how things are now.

Of course, my buddies and I would tal. all kinds of trash about it and fantasize about watching or getting in on a threesome with them. Sometimes I wonder if the porn dealing with lesbian teachers and students is so popular because so many of us witnessed that sort of thing in high school.

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